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By Natalia Deeb-Sossa

during the “New South,” relationships according to race, classification, social prestige, gender, and citizenship are being upended via the new inflow of Latina/o citizens. Doing strong examines those matters as they play out within the microcosm of a neighborhood health facility in North Carolina that in the past had served commonly African American consumers yet now serves predominantly Latina/o consumers. Drawing on eighteen months of expertise as a player- observer within the hospital and in-depth interviews with health facility employees in any respect degrees, Natalia Deeb-Sossa offers an informative and engaging view of ways altering demographics are profoundly affecting the recent social order.

Deeb-Sossa argues persuasively that “moral identities” were developed via health center employees. The high-status staff—nearly all of whom are white—see themselves as heroic employees. Mid- and lower-status Latina employees believe like they're guardians of people that are particularly needy and deserving of defense. against this, the ethical identification of African American staffers had formerly been tested based on serving “their people.” Their reaction to the evolving consumers has been to create a self-image of superiority through characterizing Latina/o consumers as “immoral,” “lazy,” “working the system,” having no regard for principles or self-discipline, and being irresponsible parents.

the entire health-care employees are looking to be noticeable as “doing good.” yet they miss out on how, in developing and preserving their very own ethical identification in line with their own perspectives and stereotypes, they've got come to regard one another and their consumers in ways in which contradict their ideals.

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2–5) Some interactionists focus on how people’s joint actions create and sustain interactional patterns of equality or inequality (Fields, Copp, and Kleinman 2006). The “sensitizing theory of generic processes in the reproduction of inequality” of Schwalbe et al. (2000, 443) guides this study by pointing out the four major processes in which inequalities are reproduced: othering, subordinate adaptation, boundary maintenance, and emotion management. Schwalbe et al. define othering as the process by which the people in the powerful group define who belongs to the dominant and subordinate groups.

Through the program, women receive care from the beginning of pregnancy through the postpartum period. , transportation, housing, job training, and day care). In addition, Maternal Outreach Workers—specially trained home visitors—work with at-risk families to encourage healthy behaviors and ensure that they are linked with community resources. html). In addition, the clinic offers nutritional services: Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program, or WIC; and nutritional and dietary counseling.

A work site and a location where Latina/o newcomers and residents—African Americans and whites—frequently interact, I provide a glimpse into the integration process of Latina/o newcomers in “el Nuevo South” (Fink 2003). First analyzing the transformations in North Carolina from the viewpoint of both resident and newcomer health-care practitioners—who have struggled with the consequences of migration on their everyday lives, families, and communities—I then explore the North Carolina community transformation from the perspectives of both recent Mexican immigrants to North Carolina and the established resident health-care practitioners, and how this transformation has shaped the meaning of health-care work.

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