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By Rudiger Schmitt

This quantity incorporates a whole variation and German translation of the previous Persian texts of the quite often trilingual cuneiform inscriptions of the Persian kings from the Achaemenid dynasty. basically the minor corpora of vase inscriptions and people on seals and weights aren't incorporated as a result of their slender historic which means. The variation offers the transliterated and the transcribed texts in adjoining, with succinct annotations and the interpretation underneath. The booklet starts off with a listing of the entire Achaemenid cuneiform inscriptions (also these written now not in previous Persian script and language), that describes the texts in define and comprises the literature appropriate for constituting and translating the texts in query. German textual content.

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Has the tradition been corrected from another vc::rsion, or from a Greek MS3 INTRODUCTION xliii t wrote, still less what he read. There can be no doubt, however, that his text" implies (a) a large number of readings, sound and unsound, shared by Ml only; (b) a much smaller number, sound and unsound, shared by the third family only; (c) a few sound readings found only in MSS. of the first family. ; and one or two of these merit serious can · sideration. g. at page 64, 1. 27, he takes 'TO 0,,"011 as nominative and Ta.

L aUK 5VTa 07TfP EV. t a "Ill/ETat EV ' TO 6V rfVETat 1]81] EUTiv. ~ EliaS' 1TpOTEpOV, ;~€t TO £11 eYYEJlOj1€VOV TtJlOS' Ell aVTOLr Ellar. 4. IIall TO ~1I{J)Jl€1I0Jl fnpov EUT! TOU aUToEvor. ,, fL€TEXOV TDU EIIOS' Kat " Ell EUrL Kat 10 DUX EV. TO S' aVTOEV ovx~ Kat Ell fun Kat OUX EV. t}8evo~ dVTO~ aUTO€VO~ d~ (1 CTTijvat BUVaT6J', dAXa 1TaVTor €VOS' Kat OUX EVO~ t5VTO~. LEVOV TOV €VO~ EUpOV. , Z>v fun TO ~VOOpEVOV. 5 . IIdv 1TAij8oS' oeuupav Eun TOV €vaS'. UT7] EV, TOU 1TPWTOU 1TA7}8ouS' 6VT05'.

B (my 36),' as well as Taylor's translation. None of these would have helped him much had he indeed used them; but that he should have ignored VoernePs published collation of no. 12}4 a MS. of the first family though a corrupt one, is astonishing. 4. There has been no edition since Cr. 2, and of other critical contributions I know only a few emendations by Schweighauser (quoted in the notes to Cr. 1 ) and T . Taylor (in notes to his translation). Holsten's unpublished collations have already been mentioned.

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