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Dictionary of Banking and Finance КНИГИ ;БИЗНЕС Автор: коллектив авторов Название: Dictionary of Banking and Finance Издательство: A & C Black Publishers LtdГод: 2005 Формат: pdf Размер: 2,2 MbЯзык: английскийThis dictionary offers a uncomplicated vocabulary of phrases utilized in the fields of banking, funding, the inventory alternate, and common finance. It covers either British and American utilization. uploadbox zero 1 2 three four five

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Board of directors ć He sits on the board as a representative of the bank. ć Two directors were removed from the board at the AGM. 2. a group of people who run an organisation, trust or society 3. ˽ on board on a ship, plane or train 4. a screen on which share prices are posted (on the wall of the trading floor in a Stock Exchange) í verb to go on to a ship, plane or train ć Customs officials boarded the ship in the harbour. ‘CEOs, with their wealth of practical experience, are in great demand and can pick and choose the boards they want to serve on’ [Duns Business Month] board meeting / bɔ d mi tŋ/ noun a meeting of the directors of a company board of directors / bɔ d əv darektəz/ noun 1.

The store sent back the cheque because the date was wrong. 50 a unit. í verb 1. to help someone, especially financially ć The bank is backing us to the tune of £10,000. ć She is looking for someone to back her project. 2. ˽ to back a bill to sign a bill promising to pay it if the person it is addressed to is not able to do so jective referring to a market where prices rise and fall slightly backdate /b k det/ verb 1. to put an earlier date on a document such as a cheque or an invoice ć Backdate your invoice to April 1st.

A group of items which are made at one time ć This batch of shoes has the serial number 25–02. 2. a group of documents which are processed at the same time ć Today’s batch of invoices is ready to be mailed. ć The accountant signed a batch of cheques. ć We deal with the orders in batches of fifty at a time. í verb to put items together in groups ć to batch invoices or cheques batch number / b tʃ n mbə/ noun a number attached to a batch ć When making a complaint always quote the batch number on the packet.

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