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By Laura Cram, Desmond Dinan, Neill Nugent (eds.)

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By 1998, each of the original six member states had exercised the role of president ten times, constituting a solid cadre of experienced officials. Those who have joined more recently are gaining experience quickly, and profiting from the many years' experience of officials in the Council Secretariat, who spend large amounts of time with officials and in the presidency capital in advance of the Presidency itself, briefing the officials whose job it will be to chair meetings and keep the Council in business for six months.

The idea of electing a President of the Union for external policies has also been mooted. For the moment, the status quo remains, but the next enlargement may provide an opportunity for the question to be settled one way or the other. For the incumbent member state, exercising the role of President means fielding two delegations for every meeting in the Council hierarchy - one to chair and run the meeting, the other to represent the national position. The Presidency is required to be neutral and impartial, so steps must be taken to distance itself from the national delegation, although this is not always easy, possible, or perhaps even Fiona Hayes-Renshaw 35 desirable.

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