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By Cynthia Fuchs Epstein

During this vital e-book a number one feminist student surveys and opinions gender study in various disciplines, exhibiting how differences among the sexes are maintained by means of ideology and social controls.

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However, the reality of our plight is probably far more mundane. The Empire of Nothing is an international collection of self-interested and self-perpetuating systems with overlapping interests. These systems — banking institutions, military institutions and their vendor companies, governments, unions, special interest groups, manufacturers, retailers, real estate developers, entertainment companies, media conglomerates and so on — all of these systems are all struggling to survive in Darwinian fashion.

He, she, or it is conveniently manageable and utterly dependent on the Empire, floating in the void of billions as a set of numbers on millions of spreadsheets. This is their future. Weakness and solitude. Emptiness feeding consumption and a feeling of powerlessness that seeks the illusion of agency. Total unity and total interchangeability. For the average man, this means progressive emasculation as well as the elimination and stigmatization of male-only groups of any kind.

First, there has been an explosion of technology that has connected geographically distant groups of people in ways that were formerly impossible. Affordable international travel, followed by television and the media, have connected people who previously never would have met. Cultures develop in some sort of isolation, and isolation today must increasingly be a deliberate choice. The default mode is to constantly hear news and information about strangers hundreds or thousands of miles away, creating a false sense of proximity and personal connection to everyone, everywhere.

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