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The ship's rations will run out in a few months, and that's if we're careful. After that, we're on our own. Presumably there are plants and animals here somewhere that will prove safe to eat, but we'll always need our own crops to supply us with vitamins and trace elements. ' 'You've been studying up on this,' said Corbie. 'I thought one of us should,' replied Lindholm. 'I shouldn't worry too much about the crops,' said Williams. 'The volcanoes might look rather dramatic, but they help to produce good soil.

Investigators weren't. 'Right, esper,' said Hunter briskly. 'I want a full scan of the immediate area, twenty-mile radius. ' DeChance raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She sat cross-legged on the deck between the two webbings, arranged herself comfortably, and closed her eyes. She sent her thoughts up and out, and her mind spread across the world like ripples on a pond. The Hell Squad were bright sparks in and around the pinnace. Everywhere else was dark. She spread out further, and the world blossomed before her.

Walking distance. ' Hunter looked at her sideways, but didn't say anything. She might see fifteen miles as walking distance, but he sure as hell didn't. Fifteen miles? He scowled unhappily. He hadn't walked that far since Basic Training. And he'd hated it then. He shrugged, and turned his attention back to the viewscreen. Something about the alien city nagged at him. It only took him a moment to realize what. The labyrinth of twisting streets appeared to be completely empty. Nothing moved in the city.

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