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By Wendy McCracken

This ebook used to be written via a seriously deaf mom of a profoundly deaf son and a instructor of the deaf/educational audiologist. Their objective used to be to provide functional, independent details to oldsters of listening to impaired young ones. this can be counterbalanced by means of case-studies which supply an perception into the that means of deafness to households and individuals. Deaf-ability seeks to underline the facility, capability and individualism of every child.

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The nerve system works like a telephone wire; it transmits electrical impulses, the messages from the hair cells in the cochlea, to the parts of the brain which specialise in decoding information about sounds. The brain uses this information in the same way as a computer would, to make sense of the information it receives and to understand the message. 3 give a representation of how sounds pass from the outer ear to the listening centres of the brain. 3 Sound going through the hearing system in a 'normal' ear Why Can't My Child Hear?

In addition to hearing being tested via headphones, to find the air conduction thresholds, it is also possible to test ability to hear sounds conducted through the bones of the skull. The procedure is the same as for air conduction but this time the child wears a small vibrator which is usually placed on the mastoid bone behind the ear. 13 A profound hearing loss Page 20 being tested; testing using a vibrator (bone conduction), allows the audiologist to exclude the outer and middle ear and test the inner ear alone.

Our particular thanks go to all the families and individuals who contributed their stories. The lovely photographs have been kindly provided by the National Deaf Children's Society, Breakthrough Trust, National Aural Group and their photographer Mr M. P. of the Photographic Department at Warwick University, and finally Liz Hurst of the Medical Illustrations Department at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. A. cartoonist, for allowing us to use his work. Many friends have offered support over two years; in particular thanks should go to Paul, Sara and Jane.

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