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The distinction among the serious thought of the Frankfurt institution and Karl Mannheim's sociology of information has frequently been famous, yet by no means totally explicated. so much bills of the Frankfurt School's critique of Mannheim have taken the shape of partisan affirmations or denials of its good fortune. This learn offers the 1st distinctive comparability of those conflicting techniques to the speculation of ideology. Following reconstructions of the origins of the 2 views and a evaluate of the Frankfurt School's critique of Mannheim, a scientific comparability is built round the 4 crucial problems with totality, cognizance and social life, ideology, and fact. An research of the importance of the distinction for present debates in social thought is obtainable in end.

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But with the coming of organized capitalism, the social foundations of bourgeois individuality, always precarious and class-bound to begin with, had gradually dissolved. Smaller forms of family-based enterprise were eclipsed by giant corporations. The tentacles of the state were ex­ tended into more and more spheres of social life. Invaded from the outside by these powers, the family had been reshaped to fit the new configurations of state and economy. The individual now came to be directly preformed by the demands of administered society from the earliest age.

His book-length works are actually compilations of essays written separately at different times. Mannheim used the essay form to tentatively explore an area of in­ quiry with a view toward opening up new problems for analysis, rather than for stating firm results. Different essays often approach the same general problem from different angles, using different premises. As a result, his essays often appear both repetitive and contradictory in relation to other essays on the same topic. The interpretation of Mannheim's work has also been compli­ cated by a variety of text and translation problems.

As the scope of individual deci­ sion-making and judgment is narrowed to making choices between the preestablished options served up by the system, individuality is reduced to pseudo-individuality; individual choice, to pseudo-choice. "79 The later Frankfurt School analyses of fascism are also devel­ oped within the context of the key thesis of the dialectic of enlighten­ ment. Under fascism the process of mass manipulation sheds its pseudo-democratic character and assumes openly terroristic forms.

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