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This ebook bridges the macroscopic, mesoscopic, and atomic-scale regimes of contacts to semiconductors. it's the state of the art in becoming, processing, and characterizing digital junctions. It comprises descriptions of a wide range of suggestions starting from complicated ohmic, Schottky and heterojunction contacts to microscopic junctions gleaned from ultrahigh vacuum floor technological know-how concepts.

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These large vertical and horizontal diffusions were due to melting of the contact metals and dissolution of the GaAs during annealing at temperatures above 36OOC. Therefore, Dissolution these contacts are conventionally called “alloyed” leads to the possibility of regrowth upon cooling. contacts. However, regrown areas would be local and it is difficult to observe them by conventional TEM. High resolution TEM study is required to confirm the presence of regrown layers. Figure 12. Psl 2 Stable and Epitaxial Contacts to III-V Compound Semiconductors Chris J.

1Od) can lead to the film of bee Fe deposited prior to the Agt 11*1[1171 expected orientational relationship of Fig. 1Oa. This phenomenon is not yet fully understood. It does demonstrate, though, that the application of the template approach to heteroepitaxy can lead to the achievement of heterostructures that cannot be obtained by single-step continuous growth. This approach is discussed in Sec. 4 for the growth of TM-III/III-V heterostructures. It is clear that the growth of high quality single crystal Al layers is difficult on GaAs.

A,, possible epitaxial alignments with different lattice parameters and rotations. 72 Contacts to Semiconductors The lattice parameters for cubic metals are shown in Fig. 2 for both fee and bee structures. The number of elements with lattice parameter close to the Ill-V semiconductors is limited. In general, fee metals can have a close lattice match to GaAs by a 45” rotation and l/&ra,,, lattice parameter (Fig. 2a with alignment as in Fig. 1c) and bee metals by a cubeon-cube alignment with 0,5a,o&(Fig.

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