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By Frank A. Clements

A complete A–Z examine of the heritage of clash in Afghanistan from 1747 to the present.

• Over forty illustrations, together with the Buddha statues at Bamyan, Kabul; Afghanistan's tough terrain; Taliban and Mujahideen opponents; and Soviet troops

• particular maps, together with the humanitarian state of affairs in September 2001, provinces and significant cities, ethnolinguistic teams within the zone, and the border with Pakistan

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The coalition consists of fifteen political parties and thirty other groups, including labor unions, and it claims a membership of 40,000 and growing. Coalition members believe that Western-style democracy is the best way to counter the power of the militias, ethnic divisions, and Islamic fundamentalism. A spokesman for the coalition stated that the main objective was to curb extremist ideas and to pursue Western concepts such as human rights, freedom for women, social justice, and democracy. He also warned against the power of the Tajiks in the Kabul government who were pursuing a fundamentalist agenda and stressed that armed factions, doubling as political parties, must be disarmed before they could enter the democratic process.

Envoy James Dobbins. Abdullah is a qualified doctor who speaks several languages, is fluent in English and French, and is typically dressed in Western-style suits. D. degree in ophthalmology at Kabul University’s Department of Medicine in 1983, and from 1985 to 1986, he worked in the Ophthalmology Hospital for Afghan Refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. In 1986, he became special adviser and personal assistant to Masood, a position he held until 1992, when the mujahideen coalition seized power in Kabul.

New officer training schools were established at Maimana and Mazar-i Sharif, and those in Kabul and Herat were expanded, with officers being sent abroad for additional training. Major weapons purchases were also made from Britain, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Italy, together with the acquisition of tanks and aircraft to create the first mechanized forces. As a result of a voluntary enlistment process combined with compulsory service, the force had risen to 80,000 by 1936 and was consuming about half of the revenues of the government.

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