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By J.-P. Dussauge (auth.), Alain Dervieux, Marianna Braza, Jean-Paul Dussauge (eds.)

The computation of complicated turbulent flows by means of statistical modelling has already an extended background. the most well-liked two-equation versions at the present time have been brought within the early sev­ enties. even if those types were commonly confirmed in really educational circumstances. The develope­ ment of pcs has ended in progressively more acurate numerical tools. The interactions betwe~n numerical and modelling thoughts are regularly now not good mastered. additionally, computation of actual existence instances, together with 3D results, advanced geometries and strain gra­ dients in line with two-equation types with low-Reynolds remedy on the proximity of partitions are usually not fairly of universal use. a lot of versions has been proposed; this is often probably the signal that none of them is actually passable, after which the review in their generality isn't a simple job: it calls for loads of realizing of the physics and many paintings for trying out the massive variety of suitable situations so that it will examine their limits of validity that is a situation for a stronger self belief in engineering purposes. this is often most likely why workshops and dealing teams are common and the ETMA consor­ tium has choosen to construct a cutting-edge in theoretical and numerical statistical turbu­ lence modelling for genuine existence computations by way of taking a few marks with recognize to prior workshops akin to the Stanford conferences (1980,1981); a few difficulties are stored or up-to-date through new experiments, a few difficulties are discarded, a few new difficulties are brought; the focal point is saved on flows with 2nd geometries.

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I l 11 I Ji 1 8 I,. ::::. 8 Ij _005 ZEMAN3, Me=O. 2L , -8 -6 -4 y* = , ,. . :. . :. . 00 35C;-~' .. t. - ~ :: I,,-'~~ 1 ~::~, ,~ , a 100 200 300 400 500 SECTION (X in mm) 600 Nrrmalized res. 75) STANDARD SEHKI-05 --_. 1 ~ Langley' s ZEMAN eurv;--• : ', • " . ZEMAN ZEMAN ' {. • · " ~0 . 6 " :--0 . 5 "0 0 . 1 ~ O. 6 :-- O. 5 "0 0 . 1 Langley ' S e~roi ---. " • \ \, sARKAR3 -p 10 • ' - ............. °OL-~----~~--~~~~ 0 . 4 0 . 60 . 2 1. 6 Me 0 . 20 . 40 . 1 Langley ' s eurv~ ---. • STAN DAR • 1 _ .

5 kit. 5 klc. 2 Numerical simulation of supersonic mixing layers at different convective Mach numbers with a k - E model C. 65,Me = 1) have been computed with a k - E model. Additional terms have been introduced in the kinetic energy equation to take in account compressibility effects ( compressible dissipation, pressure-dilatation correlations). The first difficultie was the computation of inlet profiles for the turbulent quantities which give a mixing layer in equilibrium. Then, similarity properties for the velocity and kinetic energy profiles have been checked.

5. 56 and for 1. It was also underlined that the results could be rather sensitive to the definition of the turbulent time scale in the equation for e. The existing models gave a reasonable evolution of the Langley curve vs. Me. The turbulent quantities k and u'v' were accordingly in agreement with the existing experimental data: it was known that these quantities varies approximately like the spreading rate. This behaviour is reproduced by the model. Moreover, recent work (Menaa 1996 [13]) confirms that for self-preservative solutions, the normalized turbulent fluxes decrease with Me and do not depend much on the density ratio.

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