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By A. E. Walsh, John Paxton (auth.)

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The objectives are clear. It has to be made possible for a consumer in France to buy any product from Germany or Belgium or elsewhere in the Common Market if he can get it cheaper there, just as it is possible for a consumer in England to buy from Scotland or one in Maine to buy from Michigan. There is no 'child's guide' to the answers to these complexities. Each and every commercial agreement affecting trade and distribution in the enlarged Common Market, if it contains any restriction to frustrate this freedom of trade, must be put through a fine sieve.

BANKING AND INSURANCE The Commission's Second Report on Competition Policy makes mention of the fact that, in its resolution adopting the First Report, the European Parliament invited the Commission to include in future competition policy reports information on competition in the fuel and power markets and in certain service industries. It may be said, at this stage, that the Rules of Competition are beginning to bite in both banking and insurance. In one case, which involved 'general terms' recommended by a national banking association and applied by its members to their customers, the association, while challenging the principle of the application of Article 85 to the banking sector, nevertheless agreed, at the instance of the Commission, to revise the offending clauses in the 'general terms' because, in the Commission's opinion, these general terms were unfavourable to the customers.

O~o~~:~ii~~ ;sn:~b~~t~~~~J'er~ takings, the information must be given in respect of each person or undertaking. 53 54 Competition Policy Pag• 2 Fornt All 2. '-~ has been g1\'Cnunder l(l)). atiun or notification, state what steps ha\·c been taken to inform the other undcrtakmg-.. This information is not necessary in respect of standard contracts (sec Section ll 1 (b) below}. 3. I£ a firm or joint agency has been formed in pursuance of the agreement, state the name and address of such firm· or agency and the names, forenames and ad· dresses of its legal or other representatives.

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