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By Claudian, M. Platnauer

Claudius Claudianus, Latin poet of serious affairs, flourished in the course of the joint reigns (394–5 CE onwards) of the brothers Honorius (Emperor within the West) and Arcadius (in the East). it sounds as if a local of Greek Alexandria in Egypt, he was once, to pass judgement on through his identify, of Roman descent, although his first writings have been in Greek, and his natural Latin could have been realized by way of him as a overseas language. approximately 395 CE he moved to Italy (Milan and Rome) and notwithstanding relatively a pagan, grew to become a qualified court-poet composing for Christian rulers works which offer us vital wisdom of Honorius's time. A panegyric at the brothers Probinus and Olybrius (consuls jointly in 395) was once in the course of ten years by way of different poems (mostly epics in hexameters): in compliment of consulships of Honorius (395, 398, 404 CE); opposed to the Byzantine ministers Rufinus (396) and Eutropius (399); in compliment of the consulship (400) of Stilicho (Honorius's parent, common, and minister); in compliment of Stilicho's spouse Serena; combined metres at the marriage of Honorius to their daughter Maria; at the struggle with the insurgent Gildo in Africa (398); at the Getic or Gothic battle (402); on Stilicho's luck opposed to the Goth Alaric (403); at the consulship of Manlius Theodorus (399); and at the marriage ceremony of Palladius and Celerina. less significant are non-official poems akin to the 3 books of a mythological epic at the Rape of Proserpina, unfinished as was once additionally a conflict of Giants (in Greek). Noteworthy are Phoenix, Senex Veronensis, elegiac prefaces, and the epistles, epigrams, and idylls. throughout the patronage of Stilicho or via Serena, Claudius in 404 married good in Africa and was once granted a statue in Rome. not anything is understood of him after 404. In his poetry are precise poetic in addition to rhetorical ability, command of language, polished sort, range, power, satire, dignity, bombast, artificiality, flattery, and different virtues and faults of the sooner 'silver' age in Latin. The Loeb Classical Library version of Claudian is in volumes.

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His destined glory would keep thee ever her faithful citizen.

Not one can age hold back, nor the long journey, nor the Alps' wintry Love wins the victory. Veterans whom the blasts fasces ennobled long since hasten to greet the year of their colleague and avenger. So when by that birth in death the Phoenix renews its youth and gathers its father's ashes and carries them lovingly in its talons, winging its way, sole of its kind, from the extreme east to Nile's coasts, the eagles gather together and all the fowls from every quarter to marvel at the bird of the sun ; afar its living plumage shines, itself redolent of the spices of its father's fragrant pyre.

Veniens omni dum crederis hora spectabunt cupidae matres, spargentur et omnes 400 flore viae, superet cum Pincia culmina consul ! 30 ON STILICHO'S CONSULSHIP, II barbarians, their helmets wreathed with laurel, while the yoke-horses, Panic, her robe up-girt, walks by " brandishing a mighty battle-axe. When Rome saw herself possessed of the consul for whom she had prayed, Now," she said, " fain would I hasten to the fields and woods of Elysium to bear the news of this wondrous answer to our universal prayer to the Curii and Fabricii who have wept for the dignity of the consul's toga so lately Let them now tread the meads in outraged.

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