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Models, equations, structures and interpolations will allow this fixed tableau to be animated; positivism will lead to artificiality, once the real movement of the world has been distorted. As in all theoretical elaboration (but here perhaps more than most) it is important to emphasise the critical synthesis that characterises all theory. The essential thing is the critical comparative study of those among the constituent factors of the different typologies which appear capable of generalisation, that is of integration as constitutive components into the restructured concept.

We set out in 1970 what this process should be - the only process capable of laying the basis for the future of social theory. It has three phases: critique; marking out and typology; restructuration itself. It is at this stage that new scientific hypotheses, new notions and concepts, pre-theories and then theories of the totality can be elaborated; all of them shall be constitutive and formative elements of a new vision of the world, of the Weltanschauung of the future. 2 The Future of Social Theory 1.

Universality - not universalism; for the later is a point of confluence, the confluence of two major exigencies. The first of these flows from a state of fact; the economic, political, cultural, scientific, technological and military hegemony of Europe , and thus of the West, through the crisis of the system of socialist states; the tricontinental movements of liberation and renaissance; the revolutionary Orlent, but also the obstacles, the ossification, the US superpower. Hence the need to see the future of human societies in terms which would, so to speak, perpetuate the Enlightenment, humanist dream of a uni tied world, a world thrown this way and that by storms and tempests yet never relinquishing its reassuring, postulated oneness.

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