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By Jeffrey Michael Featherstone, Juan Signes-Codoner

A critical resource for the second one interval of Iconoclasm and the Amorian dynasty, the old compilation referred to as Theophanes Continuatus used to be one of the first works of the classicising revival in Byzantium after the darkish Age (7-8th centuries). A severe variation of the Greek textual content of Books I IV, changing that of 1838 by means of I. Bekker, is followed the following through the 1st whole English translation."

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It is therefore often very likely that a better reading in Skylitzes is due to an improvement by him of the original text based on other sources or even his own wit. However there are reasons to suppose that Skylitzes had a better text of ThCont than that preserved in the Vaticanus, so that his reading may be accepted in the edition as the correct one. 2. In certain corrupt passages in Vat. gr. 167 Skylitzes appears to have preserved the correct original reading, for his text makes perfect sense and cannot have been taken from other sources.

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The same applies to parallel texts. Reference to both, however, is made in the apparatus fontium. Bibliography 33* 8. , Basile Lecapène. “Deux ou trois choses que je sais de lui”, in: Gastgeber, Ch. – Messis, Ch. – Muresan, D. – Ronconi, F. ), Pour l’amour de Byzance. Hommage à Paolo Odorico. Eastern and Central European Studies 3, Frankfurt-am-Main, 11–26. , Génésios et le continuateur de Théophane, Byzantion 28, 119–133. , Les sources de Génésios et du Continuateur de Théophane pour l’histoire du Règne de Michel II, Byzantion 31, 257–271.

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