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Книга Chemical Ecology of Vertebrate Chemical Ecology of VertebrateКниги Химия Автор: Dietland Muller-Schwarze Год издания: 2006 Формат: pdf Издат.:Cambridge collage Press Страниц: 578 Размер: 5,2 ISBN: 0521363772 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:"This is an engaging ebook for an individual with even a passing curiosity in chemical ecology.... increases information and whets the appetite." Gordon Hamilton, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society publication DescriptionFocusing solely at the chemically mediated interactions among vertebrates, together with people and different animals and vegetation, this monograph combines info from generally scattered technical literature in numerous disciplines. will probably be an fundamental reference for undergraduates, graduate scholars and researchers drawn to how chemical signs are used for inter- and intra-specific communique in vertebrates.

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Some of the techniques useful for mammals are summarized in Albone (1984) and Millar and Haynes (1988). 1 Proteins The molecular size of non-volatile compounds may be very high. , 1989). It belongs to the alpha-α2µ -globulin superfamily and is very similar to the major urinary proteins (MUPs) in mice (Fig. 3), the bovine β-lactoglobulin from cow’s milk, and the pyrazine-binding protein in the nasal mucosa. Mouse urinary proteins The urine of male mice contains high levels of MUPs, which play an important role in scent communication.

Left: Ribbon model with a volatile ligand (TZL: thiazole) in binding pocket. Center: Ribbon in lower center shows location of variable amino acid sequence. Right: Space-filling model with variable polypeptide chain segment shaded darker, in middle region. (Courtesy Robert J. ) maturation. 5%, and androgen treatment restores higher levels. This protein type belongs to the lipocalin superfamily and is synthesized in the liver. The liver of males contains three to five times more mRNA for MUPs than that of females.

A) Location of the gland on the hock (T); a young male sniffs the gland. MT, metatarsal gland. (b) Increasing opening of the secretion- and urine-covered tuft of modified hair is seen left to right. (c) A section of skin (surface on the right) showing the tarsal gland with its apocrine (A) and sebaceous (S) gland elements and a hair (H). 2 glandular secretions (a ) (b) f i g u r e 3 . 1 0 The metatarsal gland of black-tailed deer, dominated by apocrine glands. (a) The location on the outside of the hindleg; there is a dark keratinized ridge in the center with glandular tissue either side.

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