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By Jonathan L. Ready

Jonathan L. prepared bargains the 1st entire exam of Homer's similes within the Iliad as arenas of heroic pageant. This research concentrates totally on similes spoken through Homeric characters. the 1st to supply a sustained exploration of such similes, prepared exhibits how characters are made to contest via and over simile not just with each other but in addition with the narrator. prepared investigates the narrator's similes to boot. He demonstrates that Homer amplifies the feat of a profitable warrior by way of supplying a aggressive orientation to sequences of similes used to explain conflict. He additionally deals a brand new interpretation of Homer's prolonged similes as a method for the poet to visualize his characters as opponents for his recognition. all through this examine, prepared makes leading edge use of techniques from either Homeric experiences and narratology that experience no longer but been utilized to the research of Homer's similes.

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356). In this context, one also notes that the participle akrokelainioôn “cresting with a black wave” in its one appearance in the poem describes 39 40 41 The following phrase does appear in a simile: “the whole black earth is oppressed under a whirlwind” (ὑπὸ λαίλαπι πᾶσα κελαινὴ βέβριθε χθὼν) (Il. 384). See also Il. 845 and Od. 457. Blood can be described with the epithet “black-clouded” (kelainephes): see Il. 167. Whitman (1958: 123) mentions the prevalence of this formulaic set to describe death; cf.

THE RANGE OF HOMERIC COMPARISONS The poet also constructs a diversity of comparisons. Because we tend not to talk about comparisons as often as we talk about similes, I shall first present what I take to be the various sorts of comparisons and then suggest that these different types fall at different points on the comparative spectrum. Comparisons can be assigned to one of four categories: identifying another character’s mental or physical condition, positing another character’s name and/or identity, disguises, and literal similarity claims.

I liken him in all respects to the skilled son of Tydeus as I look at his shield and helmet with eye-holes and looking at his horses; but I do not know clearly if he is a god. (Il. 181–83) Penelope dreams that Odysseus was sleeping next to her: αὐτὰρ ἐμοὶ καὶ ὀνείρατ’ ἐπέσσευεν κακὰ δαίμων. τῇδε γὰρ αὖ μοι νυκτὶ παρέδραθεν εἴκελος αὐτῷ, τοῖος ἐὼν οἷος ᾖεν ἅμα στρατῷ· αὐτὰρ ἐμὸν κῆρ χαῖρ’, ἐπεὶ οὐκ ἐφάμην ὄναρ ἔμμεναι, ἀλλ’ ὕπαρ ἤδη. but a daimon sent me bad dreams. For again during this night someone slept next to me similar to him, and he was just as he was with his army, but my heart rejoiced because I did not think that it was a dream but a reality.

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