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According to Loomis and Beegle, the reservation of a higher occupational rank for the farm husband (generally determined by the level of his earnings) should keep farm wives from commuting to work or having a long-term, salaried job off the farm. Yet Bokemeier and Tickamyer's (1985) study of nonmetropolitan (hereafter nonmetro) women in Kentucky found not only that one-third were employed full-time in nonfarm occupations, but also that marital status and farm residence increased tenure in their current nonfarm jobs.

Rathge is Professor of Sociology, North Dakota State University. Jon H. Rieger is Professor of Sociology, University of Louisville, Kentucky. Ching-li Wang is State Demographer, Department of Management and Budget, State of Michigan. Page ix CONTENTS Part 1. Prologue 1. Introduction Nan E. Johnson 1 Part 2. Changing Rural Social Systems: Focus on Familial and Occupational Systems 2. The Poor in Nonmetropolitan America William P. O'Hare 33 3. Mechanization in the Western Upper Peninsula Pulp-Logging Industry Jon H.

Page 10 The success of these managers released nonfarm capital for reinvestment elsewhere. Much of it relocated to nonmetro/rural sites, where workers are less likely to be unionizcd or unionizable and thus are more exploitable by nonfarm industrial capital. Hence, the third root of unequal economic development in metro/urban/nonfarm versus non-metro/rural/farm economics is the greater mobility of capital created at the former source (Lobao 1990, 47). The opportunities for nonmetro or rural sites to attract external capital depend heavily on having a cheap supply of labor.

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