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Книга Catalyst - Accelerating Perl net program improvement Catalyst - Accelerating Perl internet program improvement Книги internet дизайн/разработка Автор: Jonathan Rockway Год издания: 2007 Формат: pdf Издат.:Packt Publishing Страниц: two hundred Размер: three ISBN: 1847190952 Язык: Русский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книгао хорошем веб-фреймворке написанном на Perl.

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Translated into a relational database schema, that means we'll have a "people" table that will assign a unique identifier to each first name and last name pair. ), a phone number and an email address. Each row will have a column called "person", which will be the ID of the person that "owns" this address (called a foreign key in SQL parlance). We'll also make each field in the addresses table optional (except for the location), so we can have locations like "Mobile" for storing a mobile phone number (without a postal address or email).

Tt template to change the look of the page. You shouldn't even need to restart your development server for changes to take effect. pm and another template. pl -r -d. The -r will cause the server to restart when appropriate, and the -d will show debugging information, even if you've turned it off inside your application. tt template showed up without your code ever calling any methods in the Template Toolkit View. pm uses an ActionClass called "RenderView". The end action in Root is called at the end of every request, and the RenderView ActionClass will automatically forward to the default View.

This will save us typing when we need to use a value in both the controller and in the template. Without BindLex, you would use the variable normally in the controller and then manually save it in $c->stash in order to see the value inside the template. After that, we add a Local list action that gets all the People out of the database and stores them in $people (and $c->stash->{people}). tt2, and we're done. ) That's all the controller needs to do to create a page like the one in the above screenshot.

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