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Skills Finding new ways to do things, making things out of different materials, using sense of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell Interests Decorating or designing, performing or acting, books or stories, art or music Values Freedom of time, unstructured situations, trust own mind, body and feelings Traits Work alone, imaginative, expressive, risk-taker, independent Do you fit into the creative category? Yes Maybe No Would you like to be a creative worker? Yes Maybe No 40 © Government of Alberta, Employment, Immigration and Industry 5.

My Chosen Occupation (write down your choice from the last section) ____________________________________________ Now, it’s time to do some planning on how to reach your goal. Then, you can begin to act on your plan. You’ve already taken lots of steps toward your career goals. Now is the time to set the final action steps in motion. In order to answer the question for step four, you’ll also want to ask yourself some other questions: • Do I meet the requirements of my chosen occupation? • Where do I stand now?

Many junior and senior high schools also have information about occupational choices. 3. Community Agencies Many organizations and agencies provide careerrelated information to specific groups of people, such as: • • • • • youth Aboriginal people women immigrants people with disabilities • people over 45 years of age • people on social assistance • people on employment insurance. 4. Professional Associations and Unions These organizations have information on specific occupations, including education and training and certification requirements.

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