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By Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt (auth.), G. Preyer, M. Bös (eds.)

Scholars of other faculties have generally analyzed international platforms as networks of communique less than the modern heading `globalization.' Our accrued new learn pushes the argument one step additional. Globalization isn't a homogenization of all social lifestyles on the earth. it's a heterogeneous strategy that connects the worldwide and the neighborhood on varied degrees. to appreciate those modern advancements this e-book employs leading edge strategies, concepts of analysis, and factors. Globalization is a metaphor for various borderstructures, new borderlines, and prerequisites of club, which emerge in a world world-system. As a world-system expands it contains new territories and new peoples. the method of incorporation creates frontiers or barriers of the world-system. those frontiers or boundary zones are the locus of resistance to incorporation, ethnogenesis, ethnic transformation, and ethnocide.

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Arrighi argues that President Roosevelt used the power of the hegemonic state to try to create a balanced world of capitalist growth. S. corporations. S. S. corporations THE WORLD-SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE 21 from tuming Japan (and Korea) into just one more dependent and peripheralized country. This policy of enlightened global Keynesianism was continued in a somewhat constrained form under Iater presidents, albeit in the guise of domestic "military Keynesianism" justified by the Soviet threat. S. economy.

4 U nder conditions of increased economic globalization the ability of national states to protect their citizens from world market forces decreases. This results increasing inequalities within countries, and increasing Ievels of dis-satisfaction compared to the relative harmony of national integmtion achieved under the Keynesian regimes. lt is also produces political ~eactions, especially national-populist movements. S. S. agriculture. It would also be useful to investigate the temporal patterns of the other types of globalization: cultural 6 , political, technological and ecological.

Thus, the semiperiphery is the weak link in the capitalist world-system. It is the terrain upon which the strongest efforts to establish socialism have been made, and this is likely to be true of thc future as weil. On the other hand, the results of the efforts so far, while they have undoubtedly been important experiments with the logic of socialism, have left much to be desired. The tendency for authoritarian regimes to emerge in the communist states betrayed Marx's idea of a freely constituted association of direct producers.

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