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Acute radiation damage in guy has been amply reviewed some time past a long time (1-8). info for these experiences was once regularly derived from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki adventure (3), from radiation injuries as a con­ series of trying out nuclear guns and the appliance of nuclear power (9-13) and from the intentional irradiation of sufferers, in most cases for the therapy of malignancies and/or as conditioning for transplantation (14-20). extra, a wide physique of information derived from animal experimentation has resulted in wary extrapolations to the human state of affairs (14). An intricate overview facing early somatic results of radiation in a guy was once released through UNSCEAR ) in 1962 (2). It was once supplemented in 1969 with the same rfile dealing regularly with radiation-induced chromosome aberra­ tions, the results of radiation at the anxious process and, radio-active illness of our environment via nuclear checking out (21). In a more moderen UNSCEAR document (1972) the most issues have been genetic results, carcinogenesis and results of radiation at the immune reaction (22). The early results of radiation in guy have been additionally expertly and comprehensively reviewed in a file by means of the U.S. nationwide study Council in 1967 (23).

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D ent1ca paratively safe. At the time of writing, any other combination (unmatched related and well-matched unrelated) entails a great risk, even if optimal procedures to mitigate GvH disease are applied. This should explain why, in the vast majority of published cases, only MHCidentical siblings have been used as marrow donors. alone of the Euratom contractees, P. Stryckmans of Brussels University, is currently investigating the possible inhibitory influence of granulocyte transfusions on the take and proliferation of autologous marrow transplants in man (Euratom contract 161-76-1 BlOB).

5 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 days Acute and delayed type of GvH disease following transplantation of allogeneic hemopoietic cells in rodents and primates conditioned with whole body irradiation. The acute reaction occurs in monkeys and man grafted with unmatched bone morrow. Since mouse bone morrow has a low content of immune competent cells, it does not induce the acute reaction, but instead the delayed type of G vH disease. The acute reaction can be induced in mice by grafting spleen cells, which contain a high proportion of immune competent cells and hemopoietic stem cells.

In this review, emphasis will be on the possibilities of bone marrow transplantation, although recent methods of isolation and bacteriological decontamination will also be briefly discussed. The feasibility of bone marrow engraftment and its therapeutic effect in irradiated animals has been thoroughly investigated. It was first shown in the early fifties that lethally irradiated mice could be protected by shielding of the spleen (62) or by intravenous injections of bone marrow (63). Several years passed before it was proved beyond doubt that the protective effect was due to recolonisation of the host's depleted marrow by donor a cells, rather than to humoral factors ) (64, 65, 66).

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