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Falcon Pocket consultant: Birds of Prey is a box consultant to the fifty five birds of prey in North the USA. Anatomically right illustrations of the birds in flight and at the flooring and distinct descriptions approximately each one bird's sought after actual attributes and traditional habitat make it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and flora and fauna parts. Informative and gorgeous to peruse, this can be the basic source if you end up out within the box. Falcon Pocket courses are full-color, visually beautiful, on-the-go courses for opting for vegetation and animals and studying approximately nature.

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The female (below) and male (above) are illustrated, in addition to a male in flight. HAWKS AND EAGLES Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus Family Accipitridae (Hawks, Eagles) Size: 30–40"; female larger than male Range: Throughout North America Habitat: Lakes, rivers with tall perches or cliffs Season: Summer in far northern latitudes; winter and year-round throughout most of the US The Bald Eagle is a large raptor that is fairly uncommon even though its range is widespread. It eats fish or scavenges dead animals, and congregates in large numbers where food is abundant.

They patrol grasslands in the air or from a perch, and often hover before attacking their prey of rodents and reptiles. The adult, perched and in flight, is illustrated. HAWKS AND EAGLES Snail Kite, Rostrhamus sociabilis Family Accipitridae (Hawks and Eagles) Size: 17" Range: South-central Florida Habitat: Freshwater marshes Season: Year-round Also known as the Everglade Kite, the Snail Kite is a tropical species with very specific feeding habits. It relies almost exclusively on a certain apple snail that it snatches from the grass while in flight.

In flight, wings are short, broad, and rounded, and show dark carpal patches on the underside. These owls hunt in foliage or in mid-air for flying insects, beetles, grasshoppers, or small mammals. The adult, perched and in flight, is illustrated. 5" Range: Western US Habitat: Wooded areas or parks; places where cavity-bearing trees exist Season: Year-round The Western Screech Owl is a small, eared owl with a big head, short tail, and bright yellow eyes. The highly camouflaged plumage ranges from brown to gray, depending on the region.

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