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By Lynn O'Brien Hallstein

The necessities of “good” motherhood used to basically contain the care of youngsters, yet now modern moms also are burdened to turn into bikini-ready instantly postpartum. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein analyzes star mother profiles to figure out some of the ways in which they motivate all moms to have interaction in physique paintings because the energizing technique to clear up any work-life stability struggles they could event. Bikini-Ready mothers additionally considers the ways in which maternal physique paintings erases any proof of moms’ contributions either at domestic and in specialist contexts. Hallstein theorizes attainable how one can gasoline an important moms’ revolution, whereas additionally pointing to preliminary recommendations of resistance.

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Within the American context, then, neoliberal rationalities have become pervasive in all parts of society. Wendy Brown, in fact, suggests “Neo-liberal rationality, while foregrounding the market, is not only or even primarily focused on the economy; rather it involves extending and disseminating market values to all institutions and social action, even as the market itself remains a distinctive player” (italics in original, par. 7). Writing about contemporary American culture, Kate Bezanson and Meg Luxton suggest that one consequence of this infusion of neoliberal sensibilities is that individuals are now held responsible for their circumstances, even if they are impoverished or unemployed.

As noted in the Introduction, Douglas and Michaels’ understanding of the new momism draws on sociologist Sharon Hays’ 1996 work on what she termed intensive mothering in her landmark book The Cultural Contradictions of Motherhood. As a review, Douglas and Michaels’ argued that the new momism is the CONTEMPORARY MOTHERHOOD 27 normative or ideal “good” mothering ideology in affluent Western countries, especially in America. This “good mothering” ideology rests on three core beliefs and values: “the insistence that no woman is truly complete or fulfilled unless she has kids, that women remain the best primary caretakers of children, and that to be a remotely decent mother, a woman has to devote her entire physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual being, 24/7, to her children” (Douglas and Michaels 4).

3). The language and key idea of second wave feminism that is most often invoked with neoliberalism is choice. In fact, recent feminist scholarship on the rhetoric of choice (Craven; Douglas and Michaels; Hayden and O’Brien Hallstein; Stone; Vavrus) also reveals the central role choice—contemporary women’s ability to control reproduction such that motherhood is now considered a woman’s choice—plays in contemporary women’s understanding of femininity and motherhood. Indeed, as I noted in the Introduction, Douglas and Michaels argued that the choice to “do it all” is already embedded in post-second wave understandings of femininity and motherhood.

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