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By Massimo Verdicchio, Robert Burch

Among Philosophy and Poetry examines the advanced and debatable relation that has trained literary conception on account that precedent days: the adaptation among philosophy and poetry. The ebook explores 3 particular components: the perform of writing with appreciate to orality; the interpretive modes of poetic and philosophical discourse as self-narration and old knowing; how rhythm marks the differential areas in poetry and philosophy. The booklet brings jointly probably the most popular foreign students within the fields of philosophy and literature to envision the diversities among orality and writing, the indicators and strains of gender in writing, the historic size of the strain among philosophical and poetic language, and the longer term risk of a musical considering that might transcend the competition among philosophy and poetry. within the ultimate example, rhythm is the strength to be reckoned with and is the fundamental point in an realizing of philosophy and poetry. Rhythm in influence offers a musical ethics of philosophy, for musical pondering is going past the metaphysical competition among philosophy and poetry and units the body for post-philosophical perform. members: Amittari F. Aviram, Babette Babich, Eve Taylor Bannet, Stephen Barker, Alexandro Carrera, Richard Detsch, Karen Feldman, David Halliburton, Richard Kearney, Carlo Sini, P. Christopher Smith, Forrest Williams

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It has detached language from its body (from the operative unit of gesture, vocal utterance, and iconic sign) and, in so doing, it has made possible the birth of logic and science. Long before the Cartesian automaton or the triumph of modern cybernetics, the alphabetic writing has artificially transcribed and digitalized the iconic and mimetic richness of ideographic language. Alphabetic writing has provided us with a vicarious reality with which we deal as if it were reality in itself. Actually, only by means of alphabetic writing can we speak of a reality in itself, detached from any contingency, as if it were possible to deal with anything “in itself ” outside the given situation in which we partake of its event.

In doing so, the poet refers to lived experience directly and not instrumentally. In concrete experience a lover does not recognize the embodiment of love, sexuality, or womanliness in his beloved, he cannot detach those universal characters from her features and body, because they are exactly what he loves. It is the woman that inspires his love and not a chapter of physiology or psychology that the woman might perfectly illustrate. The poet walks the way from living experience to the word, recollecting the original emotional contexts.

What question does philosophy claim as its own? It is the question about questioning. Other figures of wisdom don’t ask; they already know it all. Two questions, actually: first, why is there philosophy at all; second, why do we keep on asking such a question. ). It is not a pointless activity, even though it appears addressed at nothing else but itself. Other figures of wisdom may know their truth, and yet they prevent themselves from asking questions on the nature of asking. Their practice (their writing), which is kerygmatic and not dialogical, does not contemplate asking its own nature.

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