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8. note 2), 19 4-19 7. Most o f this Hbrary is said to be no longer extant, having disintegrated after excavation. 37c, from Hama; III. ^ From this it is plain that most knowledge o f Akkadian Hterature is owed to collections from only a few sites, and mostly from first-millennium manuscripts that may often be late copies or reworkings o f earlier texts. Important evidence is missing. C . through the Persian period. , when one assumes that many o f the works known from Assur and Nineveh were cast in their form now known.

6) In 1986, discovery o f a library o f about 800 cuneiform tablets at Sippar was announced. This Hbrary, dating to the Neo-Babylonian and Persian periods, contained many well-preserved literary and scholarly texts, and promised to be as important as the Hbrary o f Assurbanipal for the reconstruction o f Akkadian literature. Many o f these, too, duplicated compositions already known. 36), 1. W. Andrae with B. Hrouda, Das Wiedererstandene Assur^ (Munich, 1977). A brief account o f the pubhcation o f the tablet finds is found on pp.

2. B. Foster, “ Humor and Cuneiform Literature,” JA N E S 6 (1974), 69-85; “ Humor and Wit in the Ancient Near East,” in C A N E S 4:2459-2469; A. George, “ Ninurta-Paqidat’s D og Bite, and Notes on Other Comic Tales,” Iraq 55 (1993), 63—75; D ’Agostino, Testi umoristici, 14—58 and “ Some Considerations on Humour in Mesopotamia,” R S O 72 (1998), 273—278. ]. Authors and Redactors '"IlNlli;- o^cei i:inviir orskiis' - 5)tfs; ‘;S . 20Ox I'u 2' itiiletfc ofiiiv^ At 23 than a millennium later. 26 b.

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