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By J.K. Ghosh

This ebook is the 1st systematic therapy of Bayesian nonparametric equipment and the speculation in the back of them. it's going to additionally attract statisticians ordinarily. The e-book is essentially geared toward graduate scholars and will be used because the textual content for a graduate path in Bayesian non-parametrics.

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This result for the compact case can now be used to establish consistency of θˆn . 6. Suppose Θ is a convex open subset of Rp and for θ ∈ Θ, p log fθ (xi ) = A(θ) + θj xi + ψ(xi ) 1 and ∂ log fθ ∂θ , ∂ 2 log fθ ∂θ2 I(θ) = Eθ exist. Then by Lehman[123] ∂ log fθ ∂θ 2 = −Eθ ∂ 2 log fθ ∂θ2 = d2 A(θ) >0 dθ2 Thus the likelihood is log concave. 4. Start with a bounded open rectangle around θ0 and let K be its closure. Because K is compact, the MLE θˆK , with K as the parameter space exists and given any open neighborhood V ⊂ K of θ0 , θˆK lies in V with probability tending to 1.

Xn that is a function of the empirical measure. 1. For each n, let Π(·|Xn ) be a posterior given X1 , X2 , . . , Xn . 1. When Θ is a metric space {θ : ρ(θ, θ0 ) < 1/n : n ≥ 1} forms a base for the neighborhoods of θ0 , and hence one can allow the set of measure 1 to depend on U . e. Pθ0 . Thus the posterior is consistent at θ0 , if with Pθ0 probability 1, as n gets large, the posterior concentrates around θ0 . Why should one require consistency at a particular θ0 ? A Bayesian may think of θ0 as a plausible value and question what would happen if θ0 were indeed the true value and the sample size n increases.

Let pi (θ2 |θ1 ) be a given conditional prior. Our first object is to maximize the entropy in θ1 and find the marginal p(θ1 ). 14) 50 1. 13) of S(X, p(θ1 , θ2 ), S(X, pi (θ1 )) = n d1 log + 2 2πe pi1 (θ1 ) log Ki1 ψi (θ1 ) pi (θ1 ) where det I(θ) det I22 (θ) pi (θ2 |θ1 ) log ψi (θ1 ) = exp Ki1 dθ1 + o(1) 1/2 dθ2 Maximizing S(X, pi (θ1 )) asymptotically, pi (θ1 ) = const ψi (θ1 ) on Ki1 where the constant is for normalization. Then constant ψi (θ1 )pi (θ2 |θ1 ) on Ki1 × Ki2 pi (θ1 , θ2 ) = 0 elsewhere Finally take p(θ2 |θ1 ) = ci (θ1 ) {det I22 (θ)}1/2 0 on Ki2 otherwise To choose a limit in some sense, fix θ0 = (θ10 , θ20 ) and assume lim pi (θ1 , θ2 )/pi (θ10 , θ20 ) = p(θ1 , θ2 ) exists for all θ ∈ Θ.

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