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•••••••• Preface This ebook is meant that will help you effectively whole the attempt for Module 1 of the ecu machine using Licence (ECDL). despite the fact that ahead of we commence operating throughout the genuine content material of the consultant you'll locate it valuable to grasp a bit hit extra in regards to the ECDL in most cases and the place this actual Module matches into the final framework. what's the ECDL? the ecu machine riding Licence (ECDL) is a European-wide qualification that permits humans to illustrate their competence in computing device talents. It certifies the candidate's wisdom and competence in laptop utilization at a uncomplicated point and is predicated upon a unmarried agreed syllabus. This syllabus covers a variety of particular wisdom parts and ability units, that are damaged down into seven modules. all the modules has to be handed ahead of the ECDL certificates should be offered, although they're taken in any order yet needs to be accomplished inside a 3 yr interval. trying out of applicants is at audited checking out centres, and profitable of completion of the try out will reveal the holder's simple wisdom and competence in utilizing a private machine and customary desktop functions. The implementation of the ECDL within the united kingdom is being controlled by means of the British computing device Society. it really is turning out to be at an enormous expense and is determined to develop into the main broadly acknowledged qualification within the box of work-related desktop use.

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30 * ... ~€) ••••• Computer memory is referred to as primary or main storage. Secondary storage covers all other forms of storage such as disks and tapes. All can be generally termed auxiliary storage. The main type of storage medium used at the present time is the disk. Hard disks with a capacity in the order of gigabytes are usually located within the computer's base unit and are used to store the operating system and the application programs. Hard drives are in-built into a computer system when new.

2. State an advantage and a disadvantage of using each of the telephone, Fax, and e-mail. 3. Briefly describe the relationship between the Internet and the World Wide Web. 4. What facilities are needed to provide a user with access to the Internet? 5. Describe the difference between analogue and digital signals. 6. What is a modem used for and how is its speed specified? 60 * ... • • ECDL* • • * " * ..... Computers in Everyday Life ~ • Everyday Life Kn W "ome of the 11 Know Ihe 11 >" of Ihe P al home.

If it is easier, think of them with their correct values of Kilo = 1000; Mega = 1,000,000; and Giga = 1,000,000,000. Now let's get an idea of how all this relates to your work. It takes one byte to hold the binary code for each letter on the keyboard, for example 01100101 is 'A' and 10010111 is 'a'. Each character is represented by a byte of data. A word will contain lots of bytes, one for each character. A sentence further increases the bytes used, don't forget the spaces and punctuation marks.

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