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Within a week the use of the dark gas had had to be discontinued. And a temporary suspension of the raids served only to accentuate the general terror. There were food riots everywhere, demands that the Government come to terms, and counter-demands that the war be fought out to the bitter end. Fought out, when everything was disorganized? Stocks of food congested all the terminals, mobs rioted and battled and plundered all through the east. "It means surrender," was voiced at the Council meeting by one of the members.

The original shadow-breaking device that I invented was a heavy, inert gas, invisible, but almost as viscous as paint. Applied to textiles, to inorganic matter, to animal bodies, it adheres for hours. Its property is to render such substances invisible by absorbing all the visible light rays that fall upon it, from red to violet. " asked Colonel Stopford. "Darkness," replied Luke Evans. "A beam of darkness that means absolute invisibility. It can be shot from this apparatus"—he indicated the box upon the table.

The Superintendent of the penitentiary had had in his pocket an authorization to stop the execution of Von Kettler after he stood on the trap. Dead, he would be a mere mark of vengeance: alive, he might be persuaded to furnish some clue to the headquarters of the miscreants. nd behind the conspirators loomed the unknown figure that signed itself the Invisible Emperor —in the communications that poured in to the White House and to the rulers of other nations. In the threats that were materializing with stunning swiftness.

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