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Dababu. A§ = da-bi-bu (in group with mupegu and akil karsi) CT 18 29 ii 5, and dupl. ); [barru parSu] : da-bi-bu par-ri-su AfO 12 pl. 14:23 (Comm. to Surpu II 63). Diniktiki (Gula) is mighty in .... , she dwells in Dinikti KAR 109 r. 9; da-ab-ru (in broken context) ZA 4 252 i 26. * You take the mixture from the kiln, cool it, bray it a second time, ana da-ab-ti zak. ) Thompson Chem. pi. 1:17 (= ZA 36 182 § 1), cf. ibid. pi. 2:51 (= ZA 36 192 § 3:21), and passim, also [ana] da-ab-ti elleti [tanazzas (lit.

Cf. ibid. 116 N 39. b) in Ur III: see Falkenstein Gerichtsur- Goetze LE § 48:43, restored from Tablet B, photo- for other refs. , cf. §§ 5:28, 9:27, 13:16, 168:13, 15, 172:19, 177:29, 34; awilam u'ati mahar da-a-a-ni inaddicu they shall give the man a beating in the presence of the judges CH § 127: 31. kunden 1 32ff. BABBAR PN i-ta-ad- < u i-di-in da-a-ni x-x-ma KiL. BABBAR iaqqal the judges sentenced PN to pay x minas of silver, and he will .... " TCL 19 50:36; ana da-a-ni tardema [tu]ppam 'a GN mahar daa-ni [ta]gkumma da-a-nu-um ana arnim [...

Da-ab-bu, a-su = da-bu-u Malku V 50f. ) 12; if a man's head and .... ] da-da-nu-u-a ag-g[u] my neck (lit. ], my neck muscles are a) dabd: iSuzubu sar Babili ... baltussu iksuda qdtdSun erinnu biritu iddluma ... ina abulli qabal ali Sa Ninua arkussu da-bu4-es (var. it-ti a-su) they captured alive the Babylonian king RN, put him into a neckstock (and brought him into my presence), and I tied him up at the city gate of the inner city of Nineveh like a bear (var. ) Schollmeyer No. 21:10. ; (a subspecies of the false carob); SB; wr.

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