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By Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan

This distinct variety of the well-established sequence Arthurian Literature is dedicated to Celtic fabric. Contributions, from best specialists in Celtic experiences, conceal Welsh, Irish and Breton fabric, from medieval texts to oral traditions surviving into sleek occasions. the quantity displays present developments and new ways during this box while additionally making on hand in English fabric hitherto inaccessible to these with out studying wisdom of the Celtic languages.

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R. Bromwich, A. O. H. Jarman, B. F. Roberts (Cardiff, 1991), pp. 33–71 (pp. 38–46). Sims-Williams, ‘The Significance of the Irish Personal Names’, p. 602. 38 PERFORMING CULHWCH AC OLWEN Moruran eil Tegit – ny dodes dyn y araf yndaw yGhamlan rac y haccred, pawb a tybygynt y uod yn gythreul canhorthwy; blew a oed arnaw mal blew hyd. ) Rather than note the characteristics of these heroes in abstract terms, the author chooses to do so by means of concrete images:32 Drem mab Dremidyd, a welei o Gelli Wic yGherniw hyt ym Penn Blathaon ym Predein pan drychauei y gwydbedin y bore gan yr heul.

Rosenberg, Can These Bones Live? The Art of the American Folk Preacher (revised edn Urbano and Chicago, 1990). 42 See F. H. Bäuml, ‘Medieval Texts and the Two Theories of Oral-Formulaic Composition: A Proposal for a Third Theory’, New Literary History 16 (1984), 31–49. 43 Greetings and oaths are kept to a minimum, partly due to the nature of the dialogue in the text which tends to be grandiose and pompous rather than informal. ‘Henpych gwell’ (Hail) is used twice, while oaths are limited to ‘duw a wyr’ (God knows), ‘yr Duw’ (‘for God’s sake), ‘myn y gwr an gwnaeth ni’ (by Him who made us) and ‘myn llaw uygkyueillt’ (by the hand of my friend) which may well be a reference to Bedwyr who he is described as ‘unllofyawc’ (one-handed) in line 396.

For a discussion of the importance of sound and memory processes, see D. C. Rubin, Memory in Oral Traditions: The Cognitive Psychology of Epic, Ballads, and Counting-out Rhymes (Oxford, 1995), pp. 65–89. For an edition of this poem, see B. F. Roberts, ‘Rhai o Gerddi Ymddiddan’, pp. 296–309. For a translation and detailed discussion, see P. Sims-Williams, ‘The Early Welsh Arthurian Poems’, in The Arthur of the Welsh, ed. R. Bromwich, A. O. H. Jarman, B. F. Roberts (Cardiff, 1991), pp. 33–71 (pp.

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