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So it turned out that the Telford men and Tal were the only ones besides the ship's officers who had any idea of what to expect when they began their drop through the Venusian cloud deck. The first warning that the rest of the passengers received came through the ship's loudspeaker system: "Attention everybody! We are about to attempt a landing on Venus! I repeat, a landing on Venus. Here are your instructions: "First: remove every metallic article from your person. I repeat, every metallic article: coins, knives, keys, pens, pencils-everything that has metal on it.

Mr. Telford paused for a moment. " Tal exclaimed. "Everybody in the Cumchagwa admits it," Ben confirmed. "You knocked out Asa Painter," Mr. Telford explained. "I was too late," Tal almost sobbed. " "You saved the Ark, though," said Mr. Telford. "In another second, the mob would have followed Asa, and the handful of guards would have been swept down. But when you laid out Asa, the mob was like a big animal with a paralyzed brain. It waited around for orders. " Tal didn't believe it, of course.

Tal did. He would go wherever the Telfords went. He would take his chances along with the rest of the three hundred colonists. But he could not help wondering. Was an ocean of boiling water the fate that had awaited the ten previous spaceships? Was that the explanation of why no ship had ever reported a landing? WALL AROUND VENUS At last the Ark was loaded! In company with most of the inhabitants of the Cumchagwa, Tal and Ben had toiled like beavers to help get in the last of the supplies, equipment, and livestock before the critical minute of thrust-off.

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