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By Henri Rolin (auth.), Dr B. Landheer, Dr A. H. Robertson (eds.)

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At that period it seemed logical to entrust this task to the League of Nations. In 1920, Sweden concluded a convention with Chile, according to which both countries agreed to put their conflicts before a Permanent Commission of five members, before consulting the League of Nations. In the same year the Swedish Government proposed to the Assembly of the League of Nations to amend the Pact in such a way that it would give room to the Permanent Conciliation Committees. In 1928, conciliation was inserted in the General Convention for Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes; it was maintained in 1949, and is now considered as apart of general internationallaw.

Needless to say that this can be damaging, and should be prevented in the future by means of a mutual agreement. There exists one case however, in which the maintenance of the strictly confidential nature of the report of the Commission - when conciliation has failed - is inadmissible, namely in case the Commission possesses factual evidence or witness-statements which cannot be duplicated (a witness may die, for instance). The disadvantages of the present regulations have been weIl defined in the Recommendation which was presented, in 1955, by the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe to the Committee of Ministers, in connection with the European concept-Convention of Peaceful Settlement of Disputes.

Insufficient headway has been made in the teaching of business management in Europe, and one of the obstac1es to a rapid expansion of courses has been the lack of teachers. I t was feIt that one of the quiekest ways to overcome this was to give further training to a large group in the well-developed business schools of the United States. Realising the urgency of the training problem, the Agency has set up a Management Education and Training Unit, which supplies European management training centres with information on teaching programmes and methods, prornotes the exchange of teaching materials and organises annual management conferences on an international basis.

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