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Fruit-eating animals must eat other foods. Fruit bats eat the flowers and pollen of fruit-bearing trees. Some monkeys, birds, and other fruit-eating vegetarian animals also eat nuts or other plant parts to get the nutrients they need. Some fruit eaters, including many monkeys and apes, also will eat meat when they can get it. GraZerS and ShrUB-mUnCherS When people think of plant-eating animals, many think of animals such as deer, cattle, buffalo, horses, sheep, goats, and zebras. Animals that feed only on plants are called herbivores.

Dolphins emit high-frequency clicks. when they detect prey, they start sending out more clicks—as many as 500 per second. dolphins have a sensory organ that interprets the echoes. the organ tells them the location, size, and speed of the prey. Both bats and dolphins use sound waves at high frequencies that human ears cannot hear. to people, it seems that these animals are silent, even though they are making a high-frequency racket. form around a stone thrown into a pond, waves form when a fish swims.

Some plants protect their seeds by surrounding them with fruit. Fruit not only protects the seed in the center, it attracts animals that will eat the fruit and aid in dispersing the seed. A fruit consists of a mass of usually sweet, juicy flesh surrounding a central nut, which has a shell protecting the seed inside. Most fruits are brightly colored. The color of the fruit tells the animals when it is ripe and ready to be eaten. Many animals love to eat fruit. As their name suggests, fruit bats fly through the forest, looking for trees that have the ripest fruit.

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