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By Charles A. Lave

What's a version? How do you build one? What are a few universal types within the social sciences? How can versions be utilized in new occasions? What makes a version sturdy? concentrating on solutions to those and comparable questions, this multidisciplinary creation to version construction within the social sciences formulates fascinating difficulties that contain scholars in inventive version development and the method of invention. The e-book describes versions of person selection, alternate, version, and diffusion

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This alternative model not only account创 for all of the known facts , but from it we also predicted 也l"iee new results , which were all confirmed. Thus we now feel confident that the pro曲回 we imagined is what actually produ饵d the result that we wanted 协 explain. Therefore, we have a goωmodel becau踊 lt explains why 也e rocks in the excavation I∞Ik the way they do. The 阻planatory procedure should now be relatively cl副,r: It involves a constant interplay between 伽e real world and 也e model world. The main ditference betw锦n 也i8 昭plana旬ryproωdure and 由e kind of 由inking we usually do is 由鹏也is procedure is more 8ystematic and more creative.

And, ðnally, we might also ~阳tωfind a very slight u:阴:Iope from 也旭町锦协ward 也e mountains. AlI 也ree of 也倒e predictions were eonftrmed by field work. The last model 也en app倒四 tobea m狐朋nable s归eulation. 1 A MODEL OF THE MODEL-BUILDING PROCESS You should now have 80me notion of what a model is and how models 町e erea饵d. 1 world. Models are en浪恒d by speeulating about proee幽幽 that ωuld have produeed the observed faets. Models 町e evalua饵d ln 饵rmsof 也,eir abilityωpredietω町回tly 。他er new faets. at might have been uprω恒d, and 80 on) and 川剧 b四川酶 minute details are unne倒sary.

C) Draw 80me implications for the organization of dem∞ratic governments. 2. Suppose that a study of the opinions of congrωsmen showed that m创nbers of 位1e House of Repres四tatives who serve on the Hou盹 Committee on Education and Welfare (which ω,nsiders welfare matters) generally have more extreme views (pro or con) on welfare matters than the average member of Congress; that members of the Senate Foreign Relations Commit饵e generally have more extreme views on foreign poli叩 than the average member of the Senate; and that the 阳me pattern &eems to be true of other committe倒 in Congrωs.

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