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Manage theofend-to-end business process So all the outcomes of the flow are committed at the end or all are rolled back. In the world of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), there is no "one size fits all" solution. CrossWorlds, onIBM theWebSphere other hand,software supportsplatform a varietycontains of transports, suchofas JMS, WebSphere MQ, This is why the a number complementary CORBA, HTTP, and provides its own for assured delivery and transactionality, technology offerings that provide EAIsupport functionality.

3, "Styles of integration" on page 7, we discussed the various ways in which WebSphere MQ family and DB2 products can approach different integration challenges. We will use that information now while we compare the features of our three main products, WebSphere MQ • Table ofand Contents Integrator, MQWF CrossWorlds. The styles that we are mainly concerned with here are • Index application connectivity and process integration . 1 Comparing application connectivity features Publisher: IBM In the application connectivity style, we find the management of the connectivity as such and the Pub Date: July 22, 2003 management of the delivery of messages or business objects.

In this IBM Redbook we describe the use of WebSphere Business Integration. In addition to WebSphere MQ itself, which forms the foundation, we discuss four additional components: - MQSeries Workflow (MQWF) - IBM CrossWorlds Interchange Server (ICS) - WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker - WebSphere Business Integration Adapters This redbook explores the different approaches to EAI provided by these products, their pros and cons in specific situations, and how to make the best technology choice for each situation.

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