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By Melania Calestani

This quantity is a distinct contribution to the exploration of a brand new viewpoint within the research of future health, which attempts to beat the quantification bias by way of growing an account of ‘the strong existence’ in a selected position. instead of numbers, this study specializes in neighborhood narratives, emphasising the pressing have to comprise a much broader diversity of methodological techniques whilst enticing with health and wellbeing.

The quantity demonstrates in the course of the Bolivian case learn the price of qualitative examine for future health reports. It exhibits the capability to combine main quantitative info with qualitative results, akin to these rising via ethnography. it's aimed toward teachers, researchers and scholars in well-being/quality of existence reports, in addition to audiences within the non-profit, governmental and coverage within the non-profit, governmental and coverage sectors. The booklet presents new views in attaining greater signs of healthiness and quality-of-life.

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320). In the Andes, drinking is an art and it is fundamental, because it is linked with the memory of origins (Arnold 1998, p. 32). Through the consumption of alcohol, and the words produced in their drunkenness, people return to the original elements of the Andean universe (Abercombie 1998). So they sing and say: ‘Now we drink for this and now we drink for that’ (Arnold 1998, p. 32), and by doing so, they repeat different libations to the spiritual forces of the landscape. Alcohol allows for the creation and recreation of continuous bonds between humans and the supernatural world, because drinking is a sacred moment shared with all the members of the community (Carter and Mamani 1989; Lazar 2002).

Alcohol is the channel through which to pass life not only to objects, but also to humans. During Alasitas, the festival invoking luck and prosperity in the month of January, miniatures come to life with a special ritual that ends with the passing of alcohol over the objects (Calestani 2009a). In this way, objects like the Ekeko (Aymara God of abundance and prosperity) become alive and need to be nurtured as humans do (Calestani 2009a). Alcohol consumption makes objects alive and seems to imply a regeneration of people as well.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 70-94. Harris, O. (2000). To make the earth bear fruit: essays on fertility, work and gender in highland Bolivia. London: Institute of Latin America Studies. Harris, O. (2007) ‘What makes people work? In R. Astuti, J. Parry& C. ), Questions of anthropology. London school of economics monographs on social anthropology (76). Oxford: Berg, pp. 137–165. Lazar, S. (2002) Cholo citizens: Negotiating personhood and building communities in El Alto, Bolivia. Doctoral thesis, Anthropology Department: Goldsmiths College, University of London, London.

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