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A repeated association of one's natural tendencies with painful or negative stimulation leads to a conditioned inhibition of those tendencies in himself and a rejection of similar tendencies in others. , to bring their physical appearance into accord with the social nonn of physical attractiveness. (Some popular race-intelligence theoreticians have equated such imitative behavior of the holders of power as evidence ofthe inherent superiority of the white race. Interestingly enough, these same theoreticians do not concern themselves with such "anomalies" as white efforts to produce melanin via sun tanning).

They are all dispensable if they stand in the way of . ~European fate control. Predictably, the literature shows African Americans to be consistently in the pathological or abnormal direction along these individualistic dimensions. Blacks show higher tendencies of interdependence, dependence and internal fate control. The mutual reliance and cooperation (that has a natural ecological parallel in all dimensions of nature) is viewed as patilOlogical dependence when African Americans are (invariably) compared with Euro-Americans.

All descriptions of the normal functioning Black personality are thus viewed in the context of this core. For example, the recent upsurge in Black homicides, drug usage, mental disorders, and the virtual disintegration of the Black society within the American context can be systematically correlated with the deterioration of the religious function in Black personality. The increased adoption by Blacks of alien assumptions of materialism has resulted in a concomitant adoption of European lifestyles.

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