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By Jeffrey M. Paige

Paige' agrarian revolution supplied a theoretical framework which creatively explores the linkage among different types of financial and social association and collective political activities

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Agrarian Revolution upper classes in export agriculture leads to three basic differences in their political behavior which have{critical consequences 1oi'iJiel"r--reritiiYirS with the cUlt~'V~g classes:\ 1. E9iz~ian;i';;;-';~'~~hip;, arid' ~~nflic/ iher~jore tends. i1e. itself. The landed upper Class tends to focus 'conflict on control of'Ine . -presence - - - 'of _a. P-~rcial or inuusfrfaragricul- tura! gricIDlijfe. ~and-l0wer classes must depen(f"""OJla redistribution of land. There is nothing else of any great valuefooecomethefocus-;;rpoiiiicaTattention.

173-199. 44 45 36 Agrarian Revolution of aid or support outside the family:):he sick, the injured, or the elderly peasant /fithout lands or family is in desperate trouble in many peasant communities. \The peasant community is divided by the economic self-reliance of its individual members who can get along perfectly well without the help of others and would be. Jrhe self-reliance is more pronounced in some crops than in others, but most small farmers operate in isolation. The only outside help they require is a few hired men or some assistance from neighbors during a harvest.

As the small fiOfcIerorlOrmer-peasa"ilrfiecomes""iTlbreaffluent, he increasingly identifies his interests with those of the agrarian upper classes and correspondingly becomes fearful of movements which threaten property rights or draw too heavily on the support of landless peasants and laborers. This fact was clearly recognized by Mao Tse-tung in his analysis of ~'Marvin Harris, Culture. Mall alld Na/ure L 32 1971 ), pp. 478-479. 32 Ibid .. D. 479. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 28 Agrarian Revolution classes in prerevolutionary Chinese society.

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