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By William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, Herbert Aptheker

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English Composition Rhetoric, A. S. Hill, with Appendix, 100 hrs. , last year as Editor-in-chief English Literature English and American Literature, Shaw, 85 hrs. Rolfe's Shakespeare, Hamlet, 18 hrs. Latin, Studied 6 yrs. Latin Composition, Jones, 30 hrs. Caesar, Gallic War, Bks. IIV Cicero, Orations, 4 against Cataline, Pro Archia & 1/2 of Pro Marcello Vergil, Elogues, and Aeneid, Bks. , 2 epodes, 3 satires, 3 shorter epistles, and the Ars Poetica Tacitus' Agricola Livy, XXIst Bk. German, 190 hrs.

No substantive changes have been made without specific notice to the reader. In the index the reader will find complete names of people mentioned by Du Bois. Page xiii From time to time, in the years necessary to the completion of this volume, assistance has been kindly offered to me by Malcolm Call, Debra Holiday, Dr. Doris G. Marquit, Hugh T. , and Dr. Roger E. Rosenberg. Leone Stein was Director of the University of Massachusetts Press for most of the time during which the book was being prepared, and her assistance went far beyond the limits of duty.

These striking contradictions of character always arise when a people seemingly become convinced that the object of the world is not civilization, but Teutonic civilization. Such a type is not wholly evil or fruitless: the world has needed and will need its Jefferson Davises; but such a type is incomplete and never can serve its best purpose until checked by its complementary ideas. Whence shall these come? To the most casual observer, it must have occurred that the Rod of Empire has in these days, turned towards the South.

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