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By Michael P. T. Leahy

Simply by examining the stories of the folks (or possibly the animals) who gave this ebook one-star, you will inform the emotional vitriol, the name-calling and histrionics that accompany thr so-called "animal rights" circulation. the purpose is that you just cannot have rational discussions with those who equate the demise of six million Jews to the dying of six million chickens, that's what those humans think in. and that is the challenge - in the event you disagree with them, you're "ignorant, "stupid" - and so on. so if you are a pondering individual, take those studies for what they are worthy. that is what is so anxious approximately this move - they use scare strategies, certainly downright terroristic strategies, to get you to "convert" (it's no shock Hitler was once a vegetarian animal-lover!) This booklet makes a well-argued, nuanced case and maybe it is attracting quite a bit hate-mail this is because it really is fairly strong. it is easy to learn and makes excellent arguments.

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If he had remained close to the banana, he would probably have looked at it from time to time. Chimps are very quick to notice and interpret the eye movements of their fellows, and Goliath would possibly, therefore, have seen the fruit himself. And so Figan had not only refrained from instantly gratifying his desire but had also gone away so that he could not ‘give the game away’ by looking at the banana. (Goodall 1971:107, my italics) Singer, perhaps predictably, takes this agreeable and intellectually relaxed account as unequivocally true to the letter.

And if the fool, or the pig, are of a different opinion, it is because they only know their own side of the question. (Mill 1910:9) Despite occasional temptations to envy a pet’s life of cosy indolence, Mill’s point is that, whatever we might say, nobody would ever deliberately choose to be reduced to the level of the animal whatever the putative delights awaiting them. Now Singer adopts a similar position and for much the same reasons (1979: 89–90). The principle of equal consideration remains intact if we take him to be claiming that in certain specific circumstances of conflict a greater weight of interests support our favouring the being with ‘self awareness’.

Now this distinction will be fruitful in overcoming some of the confusions we encountered in deciding what interests animals can properly be said to have and whether and how they differ from those of human beings. The scope of welfare interests Animals certainly seem to qualify for ‘welfare interests’, even the lowliest species. FREY: THE CASE AGAINST ANIMALS release it from the house unharmed then we allow ourself to be guided by what is thought to be ‘in its interests’. Sometimes an animal will need to be killed on similar grounds.

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