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Energy comes with urgency. When the house is on fire, you have to do something about it at once, don’t you? It is no good picking up a book to see what it says about putting out a fire. The burning house demands that you act, and the very urgency of that demand gives you the energy to act. Similarly, when you realize the urgency of living without being influenced, and the urgency of doing something about the corruption and the rottenness that exist in this world, then you will have the energy to do it.

There are a whole group of people, led by a Frenchman, who have lived at the bottom of the sea, in a hut, for a month. Do you know what that means—to live under the sea? There are tremendous revolutions going on; people are questioning everything—gods, ceremonies, the family. Everything is being questioned anew; everything is being torn apart. In America, and maybe in Russia, boys of six and seven are being taught higher mathematics and science, because there is so much to learn. You have to learn more every year in order to keep up with the new changes, the new techniques, and information.

Actually, you will do far better work if you have a job which you love. Then you will not compete, you will not say, ‘I must do this work in order to have more money and get ahead’. You will do your job as well as you can and with all your energy because you love what you do. In this school we have talked for years about not having marks. It requires intelligence on your part—as well as on the part of the teachers—to work, not for marks, but because you really want to learn. Some schools in Europe and America have made experiments and found that when the student doesn’t compete, when he loves what he is doing and does not keep an eye on marks and examinations all the time, he studies better and learns faster.

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