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The same is the case with P. hookeriana belong to different plants. Until a comprehensive (1989) and study of the variation within P. pulchel/a and P. Lehm. s. , considered by Sojak North American authors to be a species of western x North Ameriea. lyngei as a distinet taxonomic entity in a Svalbard North American authors, such as Porsild & Cody (1980), include P. pedersenii as arctic forms of P. rubricaulis. It is thus distributed through the American Arctic east to Greenland. Sojak (1986) insularis is undertaken, we hesitate to accept P.

The Svalbard material is fairly homo­ and R. aurieomus complexes. R. ELVEN & A. ELVEBAKK 40 The valid name of the species may be R. arctic us Richards. , Flora Nordica). ) The taxon is considered to have its origin in the hybrid R. lapponicus x pal/asU and is known only with vegetative propagation. ) A. & D. Love morphologically and ecologically distinct. In gen­ eral its biology is that of an autonomous species, and its distribution is distinctly different from one The plant has only been found at Kapp Thordsen of hs proposed parents (R.

Arcuata from one site in Hornsund. ) Ehrh. (48) Mertensia maritima The Svalbard material has been referred to the northern subsp. ) (44) Huperzia se/ago A. Love. ) Bernh. Occurs only as subsp. ) Reported from Svalbard as & D. Love in Svalbard. the weakly dif­ ferentiated var. tenelIa Th. Fr. (49) Minuartia rossii (R. A. F. ) Graebn. An often overlooked species which is related to the more southern M. ) Hiern. g. in its main reproduction by bulbils, a (45) Juneus triglumis L. subsp. albeseens (Lange) Hult.

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