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By John Sheen

In March 1918 the German military introduced a sequence of offensives that introduced them very with reference to successful the conflict. army photographers their improve and took many images of the operations as they advanced. this can be the battle noticeable from the German point of view, British and French squaddies lie lifeless at the battlefield, and Allied prisoners are escorted to the rear, because the German Artillery pound away masking the development of the Feldgrau.

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Shortly after 0400 hours the German batteries opened fire on the British and Portuguese, the principal targets being artillery positions, road junctions and all headquarters down to battalion level. The shelling, as on 21 March, was a mixture of high explosive and phosgene gas. ’ In the 35th Division, Infantry Regiment 141 sent back the following message,‘First system taken without resistance. In the second first prisoners taken. ’ The Germans were now hampered by the soft ground of the Valley of the Lys; artillery batteries trying to get forward stuck in the mud and the German engineers trying to construct bridges and track were hampered by British gun fire.

Here the German photographer shows the devastation caused by British artillery. Forward across the devastated battlefields of 1916 went the German Army. Here a reserve formation moves up into the line at Albert, which was abandoned by the British, who decided to hold higher ground to the west, on 26 March 1918. A British artillery position near Albert; the crew have left in a hurry and not destroyed the gun. A collecting point for wounded men. Here they receive rudimentary first aid and an anti-tetanus injection before being transported to the rear.

Like the British, the German photographers showed plenty of enemy dead and wounded but very few of their own. Also following up, the advancing infantry as a pioneer storm troop – they would soon be constructing fresh artillery positions and with the Somme and the Crozat Canal to cross, their skills and equipment would prove invaluable to the men in front. Like the British in their attacks of 1916 and 1917, the Germans hoped to be able to set the cavalry free to roll up the flanks of the enemy. Here German divisional cavalry move across the British lines.

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